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…fair warning, most of my answers are LONG.

1.) Your first memory:

Ermm…..I’m going to assume you mean the first one that comes to mind right now. And if so.. Then…. Ah. When I was about…four, maybe five, my aunt was pregnant with her youngest. The six of us (me, my mom, my brother, my aunt, and her two kids) were living together at the time and I can remember lying on the floor with her, with my ear resting against her big, swollen belly. I had a hand on it, too. There’s nothing to exciting about it, but it’s one of my favorite memories with her.

2.) Any pets?

Yup! I have two. Or, three. All depends on how you choose to see it!

I have two cock-a-poos, named Hey You (girl) and Taz (boy). And I’m not joking about her name. And we ‘have’ a cat. She’s a stray that we feed and take care of. She can’t come in (my mom and brother are NOT cat people) and she has no name. Does she count?

3.) What would make your perfect day?

Good weather. Either sunny with a cool breeze, or raining with a fire roaring inside. A good book, my music playing at just the right volume, my favorite food and drink. I’m sure there’s more to it, but right now? That’s what I can think of off the top of my head.

4.) If you could travel anywhere right now (on this planet), where would you go?

If I was going to be practical, I would say England. Because they speak English there and I don’t know any other language, lol. But if not? Oh man, how can you answer this? There’s so many people I would love to meet and they are scattered around the world. I guess… Germany? Oh, but Ireland…


Um, let’s just go with the practical answer.

I’d go to England.

5.) If any one fictional character could be real, which one would you choose?

…..THIS QUESTION IS UNFAIR. ENTIRELY UNFAIR. There’s so many fandoms to choose from, and then there’s so many characters! Oh man, I don’t think I can answer this one. That’s just… no, too difficult!

6.) Said character decides to stay with you for a week. How does it go?


I hope.

7.) You come home to find your favorite actor sitting in your kitchen. What’s your first reaction?

Stop. Stare. Blink. “….am I in the right house?” And then most likely walking out in confusion.

8.) Hardest puzzle you’ve ever solved?

Probably Sudoku. It’s addicting. I blame my grandma.

9.) Best birthday?

Mmm… Well, if I have one it would not be any from my high school career, I can honestly tell you that. There was way too much drama and unpleasant things going on during those years. Um… I don’t think I have an answer to this question. Now if you said birthday party, the answer would have been easy. But birthday? …sorry, no answer.

10.) Most peaceful place to go?

I don’t have one anymore. The most peaceful place to go was always up in the mountains, at the ranch or the house by Pier Point. I haven’t found another peaceful place yet.

11.) Why are you a wonderful person? (And you’re not allowed to say you’re not)

I don’t know. Why don’t YOU tell ME, because I do not have an answer to this question. And I can’t say why because I’m not allowed to, according to your parenthesis. laskdfhg =_=;

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